“Cowboy” Cerrone vs. Myles Jury one step closer to reality

Almost a done deal for this fight to happen 

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The proposed lightweight battle between top 10 ranked fighters Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone and Myles Jury appears to be close to reality with a date for the bout left as the only sticking point for the contest.

Cerrone and Jury were first linked over a week ago when the rumor about their fight started swirling, but now it seems UFC president Dana White is on board as well.

While the UFC’s head honcho didn’t get into any detail whatsoever about the fight actually being signed, he did respond on Twitter giving his thumbs up that the bout is happening.

When reached for comment, Jury’s manager Ryan Hass of EVO Agents told FOX Sports that they’ve already accepted the bout, but now it’s just a matter of finding a date and location.

"We confirmed upon approach by the UFC, the date is all that has been needing worked out," Hass wrote in a text message on Monday.

Cerrone was hoping to fight against in 2014, but with a fight calendar already largely booked through the end of the year the likelihood of the former WEC contender landing a worthy fight before December 31 is doubtful.

Cerrone did make great use of his rare downtime, however, as he got engaged this week after popping the question to his girlfriend.  Chances are married life won’t slow down Cerrone from his anticipated fight schedule so it appears he’ll get back in action in early 2015 with Jury as an opponent.

As previously stated, no bout agreements have been issued for the fight but all signs are pointing towards a Cerrone vs. Jury fight in early 2015.