Conor McGregor torches Jeremy Stephens at UFC 205 press conference

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

It’s hard to argue that Conor McGregor isn’t the most prolific trash talker in all of sports, so if somebody is going to engaged with him in verbal warfare, they better come armed to the teeth.

Unfortunately, featherweight contender Jeremy Stephens fired a shot at McGregor at the UFC 205 pre-fight press conference and the Irishman blasted back with a nuclear strike.

It all started when McGregor was asked about the group of fighters he was sharing the stage with and what kind of challenge any of them presented to him.

Before McGregor could chime in with an answer Stephens decided to interrupt and give the current featherweight champion a piece of his mind.

"Right here — the hardest-hitting 145-pounder, the real hardest-hitting 145’er right here," Stephens said. "This guy TKOs people. When I knock people out, they don’t (expletive) move."

Stephens might just be the nastiest knockout puncher in the featherweight division, but he wasn’t throwing hands with McGregor on Tuesday.

McGregor paused for a moment as he looked behind him on the dais where Stephens was sitting and then he unloaded with both barrels much to the approval of the raucous New York crowd filling Madison Square Garden.

"Who the (expletive) is that guy?" McGregor shouted. "Who the (expletive) is that?"

It was a valiant effort on Stephens’ part to offer up opposition to McGregor, but it didn’t end well for the UFC veteran.