Conor McGregor sends a message to fighters and fans who doubted him

LAS VEGAS — Conor McGregor had a point to prove in his rematch with Nate Diaz.

After falling to him in March when Diaz only had 10 days to prepare for the fight, McGregor was obsessed with avenging the defeat so he immediately asked for another chance.

McGregor made the most of it with a majority decision win over Diaz following a five round war between the two combatants.

The victory was satisfying for McGregor on several levels but beyond getting a win back after suffering a loss to Diaz at UFC 196, he also wanted to send a message to all those haters who tried to toss dirt on his grave when he was far from dead.

“After that fight when I lost and I'm looking at all these people and they're all celebrating my demise and saying I'm done and this. It certainly lit a fire under my belly,” McGregor said on Saturday night.

McGregor was fired up and focused all week long leading up to the rematch with Diaz as he promised to right the wrongs that cost him in their first fight.

The intense rivalry between McGregor and Diaz pushed their first fight and the rematch to astronomical levels of interest from fans across the world.

Between the two bouts, the UFC will likely experience a pair of the biggest money making shows in company history and love him or hate him, McGregor says he deserves credit for helping to make it all happen.

“I don’t care what anyone says — I helped bring this game to another level,” McGregor said.

“They can deny that all they want but I did. Look at Nate's purse tonight, look at the first fight, look at everyone's game has gone up money wise and I helped do that.”


Every single person doubted me. Every single fighter doubted me. Doubt me now.

— Conor McGregor