Conor McGregor nearly throws chair at Eddie Alvarez as brawl almost erupts

NEW YORK — There's nothing quite like a Conor McGregor press conference.

Just three months after McGregor and Nate Diaz tossed bottles and cans at each other ahead of their fight at UFC 202 in August, the Irish featherweight champion upped the ante by nearly throwing a chair at Eddie Alvarez on Thursday.

It all started when McGregor was fashionably late and Alvarez decided to leave the dais without an opponent sitting across from him.

McGregor eventually showed up — wearing a mink coat, no less. And with Alvarez missing in action, Conor decided to take the lightweight belt sitting in front of his name tag.

McGregor quickly plopped the title belt down next to his as he threw his arms in the air as a raucous crowd roared in approval. A few moments later, Alvarez returned and quickly snatched back one of the titles as UFC president Dana White quickly hopped in between the two fighters to prevent a serious altercation.

White couldn't predict what would happen next as Alvarez closed his chair and tossed it over behind McGregor, which only further enraged the Irishman.

McGregor leaped up from his seat and grabbed the chair and nearly threw it at Alvarez as White and security personnel rushed the stage to stop him from turning this press conference into an absolute melee.

Unlike the incident with Diaz in August, McGregor quickly calmed down, brushed off his coat and then took a jab at the recent fine he received from the Nevada State Athletic Commission for the bottle- and can-tossing incident with Diaz.

“I wonder what a chair would have cost me,” McGregor shouted.

White responded: “A lot.”

Following that incident, the face off between Alvarez and McGregor after the press conference was rather subdued by comparison.

McGregor did get one last jab in, as he told Alvarez “don't touch the coat” as they came face to face just 48 hours away from their historic fight at UFC 205 on Saturday night.