Conor McGregor fires back at the UFC: ‘I’m still the two weight world champion’

Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

If Conor McGregor agreed to give up his featherweight world title that's news to him.

Last week the UFC announced that McGregor relinquished his 145-pound title, which then made Jose Aldo the new undisputed champion while Max Holloway and Anthony Pettis prepared to fight for a new interim belt at UFC 206 in Toronto.

Just days ago, UFC president Dana White said that the promotion didn't strip McGregor of the belt but instead said it was his decision to give it up.

According to McGregor, who spoke to a raucous crowd in Northern Ireland on Friday, he didn't agree to relinquish anything and he still considers himself a two division UFC champion.

“They're trying to strip me. Well, I ain't stripped. I still got that belt,” McGregor said. “That belt's sitting in my home right now. I'm still the two-weight world champion. Someone's got to come take that off me. I see articles. I see stuff online, but I don’t see the belt not in my presence.

“The belt is right there. There's two world titles in my home.”

Legally, the UFC has the right to strip McGregor of the featherweight world title not to mention White warned the Irishman numerous times during his campaign to add the 155-pound championship to his collection that he would eventually have to give up one of the belts.

Still, McGregor barely had time to celebrate his second round knockout over Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 that made him the first ever simultaneous two division champion before the promotion took one of the titles away from him.

The featherweight title was then handed back over to Aldo, who McGregor knocked out in just 13-seconds when they met last December.

“Eddie's still unconscious, what do you mean? I only fought last week. Them belts are mine. Whatever they want to say — 'oh well we took the belt, the belt is this guy's belt' — you can play with those fake belts all you want. Jose (Aldo) was KO'd. Eddie was KO'd,” McGregor said.

“You're looking at the two weight world champion and that's it!”


While McGregor refuted the statement from White that he voluntarily gave up the belt as well as the original report from the UFC that he relinquished the title, the 28-year old Dublin native still didn't necessarily blast the organization as a whole for the move.

Instead, McGregor just pointed out rather adamantly that he's still holding onto the lightweight and featherweight world titles until someone comes to take them off him, he's still a two-division champion.

“I'll say to the UFC and I love the company — you're fooling nobody. You're fooling nobody with that,” McGregor said. “Best of luck to them. I still got them belts. Somebody's got to come take them belts from me physically. Not online. Not through a keyboard. The keyboard warriors trying to take them belts.

“You've got to take those belts off me physically to come get them.”