Conor McGregor absolutely destroys Conan O’Brien in ‘UFC 2’

Conor McGregor made quick work of Conan O'Brien in the virtual world.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Conan O’Brien should have known he was in trouble the moment he sat down with Conor McGregor to play "UFC 2" during the Clueless Gamer segment Thursday night on "Conan".

McGregor pulled no punches from the start, telling O’Brien "I like you Conan, but I’m gonna whip your ass." Conan asked to see McGregor’s legendary prefight staredown, then Conan offered his own feeble attempt.

McGregor played as himself in the virtual world while the producers of "UFC 2" created Conan’s virtual alter ego, which McGregor said looked weak in the midsection.

"My foot is going straight into the breadbasket," McGregor threatened.

Well, the "UFC 2" cover athlete, sharing the honor with Ronda Rousey, wasted no time, dispatching Conan in less than a minute with a brutal left to the head, then followed with more punishment once the fight went to the ground.

"I could take much more abuse than that," Conan said after the lopsided loss.

So of course they had to have a rematch. But the result was much the same as the first go-around.

McGregor knocked him down in less than a minute once again, this time with a left spin kick to the head. McGregor administered even more punishment on the ground.

So they go one more time and even though Conan lasted more than a minute, he still was done in the first round. Conan’s face was pretty much pulverized after all the punishment. 

Does that make up for McGregor’s loss to Nate Diaz? Nah, but it’s still fun to see McGregor keeping his spirits high after the upset.

Check out all the action below.