Coach says Ronda Rousey is ‘sadistic’

Former Judo champion, and legendary fight coach "Judo" Gene LeBell has long styled himself as a ‘sadistic son of a bitch.’ So, when the old warrior basically says the same of UFC champion Ronda Rousey, who he’s known since she was a kid, you’d better believe him, and believe that he means it as a compliment. 

During a recent interview (above) with Submission Radio, the outspoken coach raved about the "Rowdy" one, and described how she beats men up in the gym. "When she comes down to our place, which is in North Hollywood California, she does damn good with the men," LeBell said.

"And when you fight her you don’t have to be nice, I mean if you’re a man. She’ll break you up if she feels like it. She’s got a good attitude. And when I say a good attitude, she’s sadistic. And that I like."

Truth be told, we like that about Rousey as well. The bantamweight champ next defends her title at UFC 184 in her home of Los Angeles, against Cat Zingano. 

Check out everything the two-time Olympian’s long-time mentor LeBell has to say about her in the full interviw above. Then, stick with us leading up to UFC 184 for more Rousey coverage.