CM Punk: WWE superstars ‘got worked’ by Conor McGregor


CM Punk may be a novice when it comes to mixed martial arts, but he knows as much about the professional wrestling business as anyone in the world.

So when Conor McGregor recently went on a tirade against all of the WWE superstars, including direct shots at Brock Lesnar and John Cena, Punk couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw the reaction from the pro wrestling community.

As soon as McGregor dropped a message on Twitter saying that he’d "slap the head off" everyone on the roster, top performers like Roman Reigns and Sheamus immediately responded by firing back at the Irishman on social media.

"I think the thing that shocked me the most about what Conor said was the number of people who work there who responded to him, who should know better," Punk said recently when appearing on Hot 97.

I don't feel they got worked — they got worked.

— CM Punk

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was among the superstars who responded to McGregor but he not only fired back by saying the UFC fighter was stealing the gimmick he created, but he went as far as offering up current wrestlers who could give the outspoken mixed martial artist a thrashing in the ring as well.

Punk says seeing Flair’s response just proved that he got played along with every other WWE superstar dumb enough to fall into McGregor’s trap.

"Ric Flair? Come on, just stop. Just knock it off. Volunteering guys to fight Conor and it’s across the board, it’s not just the WWE guys so I don’t want anybody (expletive) saying I’m harping on WWE, I’m not but it’s just embarrassing," Punk said. "Fighting with anybody on Twitter. You can fight with the idiots on Twitter, but from the outside perspective, they don’t know who the idiot is."

"It’s like don’t respond."

As far as Flair’s challenge that some of the guys currently competing in the WWE could give McGregor a run for his money, Punk isn’t so sure about that either.

While Punk still maintains friendships with many of the performers he worked with over the years, he says the current roster at WWE isn’t exactly filled with the toughest people in the world — much less anybody who could truly face and defeat a real fighter like McGregor.

"There’s tough guys in wrestling. You have to be tough to be in wrestling. Do you have to be tough to be in that locker room? Not anymore," Punk said.

"It’s a different world and it’s a different business. Not only from when I started but from when I was there."