Weidman vs Silva II world tour video

Just two days after what was


target="_blank">arguably the greatest fight in Ultimate

Fighting Championship history, the hype-train is back on track to

promote what’s arguably even bigger: UFC 168 Weidman vs. Silva II

on December 28.

During the Los Angeles stop of his World Tour yesterday, UFC

middleweight champ Chris Weidman crammed all sorts of Hollywood

goodness into his day: trips to the Heidi & Frank and Jay Mohr

radio shows, a face and body scan at EA Sports, and finally a stop

at the UFC Gym in Torrance where he fielded fan questions alongside

Anderson Silva and UFC president Dana White.

As expected, the friendly banter has officially begun: “If he

doesn’t beat me up too bad, I’ll invite him to a barbeque,” said

Silva of his December rematch. We can’t wait.