Weidman vs Silva II Las Vegas recap

The Weidman vs. Silva 2 world tour is in full swing, promoting

the monumental December 28 rematch which Dana White


target="_blank">recently predicted will top UFC 100 in every

regard. “Tickets, pay-per-views, everything,” beamed the confident

UFC president.



168 main eventers bounced from


target="_blank">Los Angeles to Las Vegas for their latest tour

stop, where they held a press conference for the media and fans.

The new UFC middleweight champ was quick to open old wounds.

“People can’t fathom the fact that he lost,” said Weidman. “Even

after this next fight, when I win, there are still going to be a

lot of doubters out there.”

If Weidman does win Round 2 this December, rest assured, any

doubters should be few and far between.