Chael Sonnen tackles Incognito

Prior to the

target="_blank">UFC 167 co-headlining bout against Rashad

Evans, “The American Gangster” Chael P. Sonnen delivers

his thoughts to FOX Sports on fights to football.

First, Sonnen praises Vitor Belfort’s headkick win streak

and says exactly what UFC fans want to hear, “I

couldn’t imagine retiring without facing Vitor.”

Following that, Sonnen sizes up his match-up with Evans that

strengths are great, but will to win is greater. “Usually, it

comes down to who’s tougher, who wants it more, who’s

willing to work harder on that specific night,” states


Switching sports to the controversial Miami Dolphins’

bullying scandal, Sonnen appears ready to give the benefit of the

doubt to Richie Incognito that he’s not the “dick in disguise” as

his vulgar voicemails to teammate Jonathan Martin suggest.

“More importantly than the word is the context behind

it,” explains Sonnen. “Perhaps, [Incognito]

doesn’t see himself the way Martin does. I sense that Martin

looked up to him. It’s my sense that Martin was also a little

fearful of him. So, when a guy you look up to and in particularly

you’re scared of uses a rough language it can be perceived

differently. I think there’s a lesson there for Incognito. I

don’t personally think he had a bad intent against his


Lastly, the ballyhooed Brazilian security situation on


Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3, Sonnen offers, “I’m not

encouraging anything or walking around with macho bravado, but

I’m not the easiest guy in the world to get the jump on and I

don’t think there’s a lot of people who are going to

sign up for that job.”