Carlos Condit: ‘It’s not all about winning or losing’

Carlos Condit fought just about as well as anyone ever could in Saturday’s UFC 195 main event against welterweight champion Robbie Lawler. He also showed about as much poise and class afterwards, when he ended up on the wrong end of a split-decision.

"I went out there and did what I usually do, which is fight my ass off," he told Megan Olivi backstage, moments after leaving the Octagon (above).

"I came up short on the judge’s scorecards, unfortunately, but, f-ck it."

Condit has fought professionally since he was a teenager and over the course of his long career, he’s learned to appreciate and value more than simple official wins and losses.

"For me, it’s not all about winning or losing," he explained.

"I am disappointed, but I got to fight, push myself as hard as I can, leave it all out there, and to me that’s a victory."

After the final horn, Condit believed that he’d done enough to earn the decision win. He still does.

However, he was philosophical about how two of the three ringside judges scored it for the defending title-holder Lawler. "I felt like I had won it," he said.

"He’s the champion. There’s the old adage that you’ve got to take it from the champion. I didn’t finish him. It went to the judge’s scorecards so, you know, that’s how it goes. But, it was an awesome fight. It was a great experience going in there against a guy like Robbie Lawler. That’s just how it goes. Fight game."

Condit may be done with the fight game after the battle with Lawler, however. "I have to think about it, but I might be done. I might be done. We’ll see," he said.

"I might be done from the fight game."