Did Buffer cop a feel on Arianny?

Bruce Buffer. Pimp.

Let’s just swallow our jealousy and face it. The dapper

UFC ring announcer has a way with the ladies.

At the UFC 167 weigh-ins Friday night, Buffer appeared to reach

out and pinch smokin’ hot UFC Octagon girl Arianny

Celeste’s in the rear end. It was hard to tell where his hand

landed, but her awkward little bunny-hop may have given it


Bruce Buffer. The man.

Remember the last guy who got out of bounds with Celeste? Things

didn’t go nearly as well for him. In fact, she took

inspiration from the Anderson Silva-Vitor Belfort fight and


target="_blank">kicked her boyfriend, Praveen Chandra, right in

the mug.

Nothing of the sort happened to our hero Buffer on Friday. All

he got was a sheepish smile and an adorable little backhand love

tap to the arm.

This is the same guy who was featured on


target="_blank">the cover of Fighters Only magazine earlier

this year with the headline: “Buffer’s Poppin’

Bottles And Kissin’ Models – The Secret Playboy Life Of

The Voice Of The UFC.”

src="http://www.fightersonlymag.com/images/cache/bufferfo-631x500-featured.jpg" />

Well, damn. Now every time the dude screams out

“It’s Time!” at the top of his lungs, we’ll

be thinking something completely different.

No wonder Will Campuzano got so darn excited while hitting the


src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-1lR2ejNWaq8/UobMgYk93-I/AAAAAAAA66Q/cdYlctpQGxk/s1600/1.gif" />