Pearson reacts to no contest

No contest because of an accidental foul?

There’s nothing else they could do than throw-up their hands and shrug as UFC announcer Bruce Buffer read the unfavorable decision.

The co-main event match-up between The Ultimate Fighter 9 winner Ross “The Real Deal” Pearson and Octagon veteran Melvin Guillard ended suddenly with two knees to Pearson’s head with the second deemed illegal. While UFC commentator Joe Rogan tried to get a reaction from hometown hero Pearson about the unfortunate turn of events, the Manchester crowd chanted “bullsh*t” to show an outrage so great it wouldn’t even be quelled by a kissing booth featuring UFC UK ring girl Carly Baker. Well, maybe, that would have fixed things.

With blood trickling down his forehead from the cut that fateful knee provided, Pearson tried to appease his fellow countrymen about being short-changed over the odds on favorite for Fight of the Night. Once referee Marc Goddard called the end of the bout, “The Real Deal” said to Guillard that they should do this fight again. That sentiment was re-established to the British crowd as their bloody British warrior apologized for the random outcome and reasoned that there will be an appropriate rematch between the fan favorite lightweights.

“All I can say guys, is this is not how I wanted to go out,” asserts Pearson. “Me and Melvin were here to put on a show for you guys. We’ll do it again in Manchester. We’ll main event it in Manchester. Me and Melvin will fight again! I’ll come back stronger from this. I’m disappointed, but I’m not beat. I wasn’t hurt, I was ‘illegally’ attacked, but that happens in this sport. We’ll come back stronger from it. Me and Melvin will come back and do this again for ya’.”

In the post-fight press conference, Pearson revealed his forehead cut required 32 stitches. And, UFC UK’s Garry Cook revealed Pearson and Guillard are slated to rematch in England’s March 2014 event.