Are Georges St-Pierre’s alien encounter claims a sign of brain trauma?

Joe Rogan thinks Georges St-Pierre should retire from the UFC and it has nothing to do with the personal issues GSP wouldn’t talk about Saturday night.

Back in April, St-Pierre said on Rogan’s podcast that he believes he has had contact with aliens. And the UFC color commentator thinks brain trauma could be to blame for these ‘encounters."

‘I think he’s taken too many shots," Rogan said on Sirius XM’s ‘The Opie & Anthony Show" on Monday.

Any time someone starts talking about extra terrestrials and it has nothing to do with a sci-fi movie, it does raise some flags. GSP’s experiences were more about him losing time, though – not seeing little green men.

‘I can’t say something happen to me," St-Pierre said on the podcast. ‘I have no proof. I just don’t know. But I’m going to tell you something and I’m going to be honest about it. Sometimes, I’m looking at the clock. And it’s like I wake up and I look at the clock right after, and it’s like the clock advance like four hours, or two hours. There’s a time zone that I don’t remember what happened. Or I can drive my car and it already happen. I drove my car in a normal day, going somewhere, and I look, and [two hours] passed. Two hour had just pass like this (snaps fingers). This is like a third-type encounter."

Rogan used some statistics to back up his point, that GSP has taken more strikes in his last three fights than any of his previous bouts combined. And the UFC welterweight champion did complain about memory loss and blurred vision after beating Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 by controversial split decision.

‘I think he should get out," Rogan said. ‘I know the UFC probably doesn’t want to hear me say that. I know that could be a huge rematch. I think they should just give Johny Hendricks the belt. I think Johny Hendricks won that fight."

Rogan’s point is well taken, St-Pierre probably has taken too much damage to the head. But the comedian forgot one detail about his interview with GSP back in the spring.

St-Pierre said at the time that he’s been having these ‘encounters" since he was a kid. Not since being head kicked by Carlos Condit or punched in the face by Nick Diaz.

‘I will talk about it one day," GSP said. ‘I’m gonna talk about my fear. But now I don’t get deep into it. But I promise one day I’ll talk about stuff."

Between aliens and what TMZ reported Monday about GSP knocking up a girl and him not wanting her to have the baby, it sounds like the Canadian star has some book deal on his hands.