Angry about Travis Browne loss, Josh Barnett ready for Octagon return

Josh Barnett is ready to come back to the Octagon after seeing Travis Brown get beaten up by Fabricio Werdum.

Josh Barnett is healthy, his schedule is clear and he’s basically ready to come back to the Octagon.

"The Warmaster" just wrapped up filming "Absolution," a straight-to-video film starring Steven Seagal, in Romania and is healed from a knee injury he sustained in February, reports UFC Tonight’s Ariel Helwani. Barnett’s manager told Helwani that Barnett was furious at himself after watching Travis Browne lose to Fabricio Werdum at FOX UFC Saturday and is eager to return.

Barnett, 36, could have been in Browne’s place if he had beaten Browne at UFC 168 in December. But Browne knocked Barnett out with vicious elbows while Barnett was going for a takedown up against the cage.

Before that, Barnett had won his UFC return fight against Frank Mir at UFC 164 in August. Despite the Browne loss, Barnett remains one of the top heavyweights in a thin division. Barnett has long been interested in a rematch with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, but UFC president Dana White said he’d like to see Nogueira retire.

Barnett (33-7) has notable wins in his career against Nogueira, Mark Hunt, Randy Couture and Dan Severn. He’s been a pro since 1997 and started in the UFC in 2000.