Anderson Silva ‘very, very disappointed’ in Lyoto Machida and ‘Jacare’ Souza

Anderson Silva is angry. You won't like him when he's angry 

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

A few months ago when Anderson Silva did his first major press conference in the lead up to his fight at UFC 183 against Nick Diaz, the former middleweight champion was asked about possibly fighting for the belt again down the line.

While Silva is still ranked at the top of the middleweight division, he quickly deflected and said that he was happy to see his friends Lyoto Machida and Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza get a chance to go for the belt and maybe he’d pursue that option somewhere down the road.

So it was with some surprise that UFC president Dana White recently revealed that Silva would be in line for a title shot if he beats Diaz at next weekend’s card from Las Vegas. Silva’s opinion has never really changed — he’s an employee of the UFC and if they ask him to fight someone, that’s what he’ll show up to do.

"If Dana gives me a chance to fight for the belt, I’ll go fight for the belt.  But I don’t like to fight Brazilian guys," Silva said when speaking to FOX Sports.

The last few words of that answer was actually part of a longer diatribe Silva unleashed when speaking about his friends and training partners from Brazil.

When I go train with guys, I go to help you. I go help the guys. I put 50-percent of my energy to help the guys. When guys talk like this, I’m very, very, very, very disappointed.”

— Anderson Silva

Silva has stated dozens of times that he would never face Machida or Jacare in the UFC and his preference would be to never face any other Brazilian fighters.  Maybe they didn’t get the memo because Silva was rather annoyed when he heard both fighters say if the UFC asked them to fight him, they would accept because it’s part of the job.

"Jacare’ is my friend, Lyoto is my friend, but all the time guys don’t talk the same as me," Silva explained.

"When I go talk to the people in the media, I say I’m not going to fight Lyoto because he’s my friend. I’m not going to fight Jacare because he’s my friend.  But when those guys go and talk to the media, Lyoto says ‘I’d go fight Anderson because I go fight’.  Jacare says "I would fight because I’m a fighter’.  My opinion, I don’t like the position of Lyoto and Jacare. Because I’m not going to fight these guys because I’m training with Lyoto for a long time, sometimes I train with Jacare."

Silva, who is usually reserved until it’s time to fight, admitted he is angry that these interviews keep happening and his friends and teammates seem more than willing to fight him despite his desire to never actually face them in the Octagon.

The former middleweight champion didn’t go as far as saying it was betrayal, but considering the time and effort he puts into working with his teammates, Silva is definitely not happy.

"Yeah absolutely because when I go train with guys, I go to help you. I go help the guys.  I put 50-percent of my energy to help the guys," Silva said.  "When guys talk like this, I’m very, very, very, very disappointed."

Whether it’s before this fight or after UFC 183 is over, Silva promises his answer is always going to be the same.

He doesn’t want to face Machida, Souza or any other Brazilian fighters so long as he can help it.

"When guys give me these questions, I talk the same. Lyoto’s my friend, Jacare and I train together, and I don’t like to fight Brazilian guys, I don’t like it.  This is my opinion," Silva said.

"I understand this is a sport and the guys are in the UFC to fight, but I don’t like to fight Brazilian guys."