Anderson Silva tells Dana White: ‘I’m coming back’

A gruesome leg break will sideline Silva for around one year, but when that rehab is up, the former pound-for-pound king plans on coming back to fight. He told UFC president Dana White as much at the hospital last week.

Jonathan Moore/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Anderson Silva’€™s secondhand comments about a return are not lip service. The former UFC middleweight champion conveyed the same sentiment to Dana White.

"€œHe’€™s looking at coming back,"€ the UFC president told FOX Sports on Thursday.

White said he visited Silva in the hospital last week and Silva was adamant during their conversation.

"€œI’€™ll be back,"€ White said the greatest UFC champion of all time told him. "€œI’€™m coming back."€

White and UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta will visit with Silva at his Los Angeles home Friday. The meeting won’€™t necessarily be about Silva’€™s potential comeback. White said there’s plenty of time to talk about that.

He’€™s looking at coming back.

--Dana White

"€œWe’€™ll talk in about six or seven months,"€ White said.

Silva broke his leg in gruesome fashion in a title fight with Chris Weidman at UFC 168 on Dec. 28. The Brazilian legend went for a leg kick that Weidman checked, leading to Silva’s leg tibia snapping and his leg nearly wrapping around Weidman’€™s in an awful visual that has gone viral online.

Silva had surgery to put a rod into his leg and Dr. Steven Sanders, who performed the procedure, said he could return to training in about nine months. Sanders said Silva asked him repeatedly "€œwhen can I train?" after surgery.

Silva’s manager Jorge Guimaraes also told TMZ that the former pound-for-pound king will be on the comeback trail.

"€œIt was a clean break so the nerves are OK,"€ Guimaraes said. "€œHe’s already started physical therapy and he’s moving his toes."

Added Guimaraes: "€œHe will be back."€

And Silva is now saying the same thing to the boss.