Amanda Nunes explains why she apologized to Ronda Rousey

When Amanda Nunes lashed out at Ronda Rousey following her 48-second destruction over the former champion it seemed slightly out of character for a fighter who didn’t build her career on trash talking opponents.

Nunes erupted after the fight saying that Rousey should just retire because she’ll never beat her and even went over to her opponent’s corner, put her finger up to her lips as if to shush her head coach Edmond Tarverdyan.

Perhaps Nunes earned the right to unleash a tirade after she walked into the fight as champion yet somehow seemed like the underdog based on the pre-fight promotion built almost solely around Rousey.

As it turns out, Nunes admits that constant focus on Rousey left her feeling like the odd woman out instead of the reigning and defending UFC champion. After the dust settled, Nunes looked back on her behavior and felt bad about some of the things she had said before ultimately issuing an apology to Rousey earlier this week.

“That was the real Amanda — respectful,” Nunes told FOX Sports about the apology. “That night, I can’t hold myself. It was too much for me. It was me and my girlfriend against the world the whole week. Not about me, everything about (Rousey). I was the champion and to hold that (in) was pretty hard and it hurt me a lot.

“I was pissed off. I kept everything (inside). I was mad already. Imagine if I kept saying ‘I’m mad, I’m mad’, it’s another level. After that fight, I blow up.”

In the weeks leading up to the fight, Rousey was predominantly featured in all of the commercials and promotion to build UFC 207 while Nunes remained largely in the background despite walking into the fight as the champion.

Then came fight week as Rousey was given permission to skip out on all the typical media required for athletes and because she was missing in action, Nunes was left out as well.

When Nunes finally stepped into the Octagon at UFC 207, she let out all of her anger with each punch landed on Rousey before finishing the fight less than one minute into the first round.

“(I’m sorry) for the words that I said after. I said a couple of bad words. I never said that before. I don’t want people to (remember) that moment,” Nunes said. “I know it’s recorded but I want people to know who I am. A lot of respect (for Ronda) but the way that fight was built it was crazy.

“I’ve never fought mad before. That was the first fight in my career I fought mad. I was mad. Even after the fight I was still mad.”

Cooler heads have prevailed now and Nunes regrets some of her behavior after the fight, but given the circumstances surrounding the lack of promotional punch behind her leading into UFC 207 it might be understandable why she was so upset.

Still, Nunes felt bad once she looked back on everything she said, especially considering the respect she has for Rousey and what she did for the sport.

That being said, Nunes still believes the UFC should always give equal time to the champion no matter what kind of superstar they are going up again.

“She did a lot for this sport,” Nunes said about Rousey. “She was the most dominant athlete for a while, but now everything’s changing. This sport is moving forward. She took days off, that’s not my fault, that’s her fault.

“Now we have a new champion, the UFC has to be everything about the belt. I have the belt.”