Alex Oliveira TKO’s Will Brooks, taunts him after the stoppage

Alex Oliveira picked up a huge win over Will Brooks on Saturday night, but felt the brunt of an angry crowd in Portland after his post-fight antics following the victory.

Oliveira came into the fight as a slight underdog, but definitely had a size advantage over Brooks after spending his last few bouts in the Octagon as a welterweight.

It also helped Oliveira that he failed to make weight on Friday as he came in a whopping 5.5 pounds over the lightweight limit, and his size showed when matched up against Brooks throughout the fight.

Oliveira was able to muscle Brooks around early as he locked the American Top Team fighter up in the clinch and continuously looked for the takedown.

During those exchanges against the cage, Oliveira was peppering away at Brooks’ midsection and as the second-time UFC fighter headed to the corner between rounds it was clear that it affected him. In fact, Brooks told his corner that he likely popped a rib during the first round and the damage only mounted as the fight moved forward.

To his credit, Brooks was able to get Oliveira down several times and nearly locked up a rear naked choke after taking the Brazilian’s back while standing. Still, Oliveira constantly slipped free and in the third round he got Brooks down on the ground and never let him up again.

Oliveira just kept hammering away while Brooks was noticeably grimacing from the shots to the body as a result of the rib injury. Finally, Oliveira trapped an arm and started blasting away until Brooks was TKO’d on the ground as the referee swooped in to stop the carnage.

After the victory, Oliveira stood up over his fallen opponent and taunted him with a WWE style "crotch chop", which earned him a vitriolic reaction from the crowd. Brooks eventually stood up and tossed his mouth piece at Oliveira, clearly angered from the altercation.

"He’s a ranked fighter, it’s a great victory for me. I’m sorry he insulted me yesterday," Oliveira said after the win. "I’m sorry I didn’t make weight, it’s my first time, but that’s no excuse for insulting me."