WORLD PREMIERE: Urijah Faber and Andre Fili beat the hell out of each other in wild music video

Pop star Lauren Mayhew, who is a huge UFC fan, was kind enough to debut her new music video for her song "What is Love" on Mayhew clearly has her finger on the pulse of America, as the video’s primary focus is on awesome Michael Bay-esque stylized violence featuring Faber and Fili (not to mention what appears to be a Jay Hieron and Justin Buchholz sighting) and just generally looking like a highly attractive lady.

The video is badass and so is she, as she’s gone the extra mile to hook up fans with the opportunity to win a Torque T-shirt signed by Urijah himself. All you need to do is go to her facebook and enter the #WhatisLove giveaway. You can even do it on your phone.

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What’s something on your iPod that you only listen to when no one is around?

Urijah Faber: Sade? I like that. I get that from my mom. She loves it.

Andre Fili: Mine is "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar. It’s like my guilty pleasure. I can’t tell anyone that.

Faber: And the other one is Queen.

Lauren Mayhew: I got one. I know this is gonna sound kinda crazy, but I jam out to some old-school Boyz II Men. They’re amazing. I just love the harmonies and everything else. When the music drops down, they just keep going.

Who would you pick to be your partner in a zombie apocalypse?

Mayhew: These two.

Faber: I would pick Don Frye, because he’s the manliest man I ever met.

Fili: I’d go with my teammate Justin Buchholz. He’s into all kinds of crazy health food. He could live off of like goat pee and asbestos in leftover buildings. He could live off anything. I think we could like build a campfire of random scavenged foods.

Faber: And Buccholz, he can go without women for a long time because he’s from Alaska.

Fili: If we came across anything, we could share completely. He’s a hearty survivor man.

Mayhew: But what happens when runs out of food and he tries to eat you?

Fili: Never happen. No, we have a deep relationship. We’re partners. He wouldn’€™t do that.

Faber: Would you want to eat this guy?

Mayhew: You don’t really look that fatty.

Fili: I’m bony. I got a lot cartilage.

Mayhew: You look too sinewy. Got a lot of piercings. I would like choke on one of your metal piercings.

Fili: You don’t want any of this.

What’s the first thing you would buy if you got all the money in the world just dropped in your account?

Faber: I’d buy houses on all the top beaches in the world.

Mayhew: That’s good. I would plan a worldwide trip. I’d plan it from one place to another, this epic world tour travel of all time.

Fili: I’d buy a bank vault and fill it with all the rarest comic books in the world, just wall to wall.

What is the worst date you’ve ever been on?

Mayhew: Oh my God, I’m sure there’s some really freakin’ good ones. OK, so I had this guy tell me to dress nice and we were going out somewhere nice. OK, cool. I get there and he’s like in this lifted truck, no roof. I’m not even joking, like five minutes out it like monsoons. Monsoons! We’re literally just flooded in the car. So we pretty much just ditched everything. It ended up working out well at the end, because we were kind of like f**k it, went to the beach and hung out. But I got completely torrential downpoured on.

Faber: I’m not really a dating guy. I’m 34, I haven’€™t been on many dates. I think I start backwards in many relationships. I guess after you’ve been going out with a girl for awhile, you gotta go out to eat. I’m not like ‘I want to go on a date’ kind of guy. If I get a whiff of a backfire situation, I’m out of there.

Fili: My answer is pretty similar to Faber’s, but I don’t have as good of a survival instinct. If I smell a little danger, it kind of like excites me to hang out a little bit more. So I haven’t had any bad dates I could think of, but I’ve definitely had some sketchy run-ins. I’ve had some questionable run-ins. I can’t think of any one date that stands out. I’ve had my fair share of sketchy run-ins, for sure.

Mayhew: It looks like we’ve all come out pretty much unscathed. I’ve gotten rained on. Like it happens, whatevs.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure movie?

Mayhew: I love "Face-Off." I just saw it on TV the other day. Just like Nic Cage, the way he plays that role, he just creeps me out. He’s the best creeper of all time.

Faber: What do you mean by guilty pleasure?

I’ll give mine as an example. I’€™m a 26 year-old grown man and I love "The Land Before Time." That movie is awesome.

Mayhew: I love "Grease," too. "Grease" is great. How can you not love "Grease?"

Faber: I love like legitimate movies. "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" is a good one. Like a bunch of the old movies. Like "Toy Soldiers" is a good one that people forgot about, which is a classic.

Fili: "Toy Soldiers" is a classic. I think mine would have to be "The Breakfast Club."

Mayhew: Oh, good one. Or "The Goonies." "The Goonies" is an awesome movie.

Fili: "Breakfast Club" just hits you right in the feels, you know? It’s hard to pick who to root for. I’m feel like I’m caught between the wrestler kid and the troublemaker. I feel like in high school I was like the very middle. I definitely wrestled varsity in high school and I also like lit things on fire and got arrested. I was like both of those kids.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever gotten in trouble for?

Fili: I don’t think I can say it. Growing up I got in a lot of fights. My friends, they built bombs out of Gatorade and chemicals and they’d like blow mailboxes up. We got into a lot of fights. There was all kind of stuff. I was a troublemaker for sure.

Mayhew: If I told you, I’d probably have to kill you.

Faber: That sounds innocent. I would say, I went to college at UC Davis and I lived out on 10 acres before then, so I wasn’t used to like peers telling me what I can and can’t do, like be quiet after a certain hour. I got kicked out of two dorms at UC Davis for being me, hanging out and having a good time. I tried to avoid conflict, but I had a little phobia of the phone and the mail for awhile, because I was always getting bad notices.

Mayhew: The one I can tell that I feel like I’m not gonna get in trouble for now, because it’s already past: When I was younger, me and a friend of mine thought it would be a great idea to set off a fire alarm and pretend there was a bomb in a building. We started screaming ‘bomb, bomb!’ I was like 14 and literally, I’m not joking, s**t got real when I saw literally like five ambulances pull up, four cop cars. It was like an insane brigade. I just looked at my friend and as like, ‘We did this. This is real bad.’ Like Urijah said, I was pretty much a good kid, so I was like real over my head.

So…you basically called in a bomb threat.

Mayhew: I told you when I do stuff, I go big or go home.

Do you guys have any irrational or weird fears?

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Fili: I have lots of stuff. So many weird things. I’m a total germaphobe. If I shake hands with people, I have to wash my hands. If I touch a door handle. Like before I leave my house, I have to turn off all the knobs on my stove, because I just have this fear my house is going to burn down. I have to touch them all in a certain order, like one, two, three, four, they’re all off. Check all the burners, check all the locks. Once I’m ready, it takes me a half hour to leave my house, because I just have that fear that when I’m gone something bad is going to happen.

Mayhew: I’m absolutely the same with that, because I like to make tea at night and I’ll be in bed like, ‘Dammit, did I turn off the stove?’ I have to check like three times. And I have like a cooktop stove, so it’s not like I could smell the gas or anything like that. So I always have to triple check. I’m like waiting to come home to see my house burnt down.

Faber: I’m strangely not afraid of much. I don’t know if it’s weird I am, but the most fearful thing is my mom. She’s like the one person I’m afraid of, the one thing I have to watch out for. The only thing is my mom.

Mayhew: Is she like one of those people that it almost upsets you more if she’s mad at you?

Faber: No. It’s not the disappointment, it’s the wrath. My mom’s a gangster.

Mayhew: My mom is usually even-keeled, but when you push her off the edge it’s like a time bomb. It’s like an explosion.

Faber: I do want to never disappoint her, but she can also be real strong with me.

Fili: I can’t think of anything right now, but itchy things. Certain noises. Or something that drives me of a wall is when a song starts playing on YouTube and that stops. I don’€™t know why, but it just drives me crazy. I have so many things, but something like music not playing when you want it, I could just throw my phone out the window. I just lose it when YouTube won’t play the song I want it to play.

One last one. In a movie about your life, who’s playing you?

Fili: Judging by my size, I gotta go Dwayne Johnson. I get being identical as far as body mass, muscular definition. I’m gonna go with Johnson.

Faber: I would say the late Paul Newman. Is he still kicking actually? The young Paul Newman. Just because Paul Newman’s the man.

Mayhew: I would say, let’s give me like a mixture between Marilyn Monroe for some sassiness and some iconic classiness and maybe a Pat Benatar or some bad-ass rocker chick that just has some grit to her.

Faber: I feel like you’re the opposite of a Pat Benatar and a Marilyn Monroe.

Mayhew: I’m gonna fuse them together.

Fili: On a sidenote, just in case Dwayne Johnson isn’t around, I will settle for Taylor Lautner. I’m not happy about it, but whatever.

Mayhew: If we’re going that route, I’d take Charlize Theron. She’s gorgeous and a bad ass.

So, when can we hear your music?

Mayhew: We’re finishing up the music video "What is Love?" right now. We don’t have an exact release date yet, but we’ll be releasing the music video and the song on iTunes at the same time. So definitely check that out. These two are highly featured in the video. You’re gonna get some good surprises. Some fight scenes, maybe a makeout scene or two.

Fili: Not me and Faber. You guys got excited. Me and Faber aren’t making out.

Mayhew: Well, maybe. There’s gonna be two cuts.

Andre, when are we seeing you fight next?

Fili: April 26, UFC 172. I’m fighting Max Holloway. It’s gonna be a great fight. Tune in. Fight of the Night right there, for sure.

Urijah, what’s going on in your world?

Faber: I’m just waiting to hear. I’ve had five fights in 11 months. I’m just waiting for the assignment. Chillin’.

Taking a little break or are you trying to get right back in there?

Faber: Doing whatever. I stay really, really busy. When they call me, then I change focus.