Wilmer Valderrama talks ‘explosive’ UFC 189 with Bruce Buffer on It’s Time

Hollywood UFC uber fan Wilmer Valderrama stopped by the It’s Time podcast with Bruce Buffer recently and couldn’t stop gushing about the incredible UFC 189 event in Las Vegas. The actor was at the MGM Grand for the double title pay-per-view and was thrilled from start to end.

"I had to stop [UFC President] Dana [White] a couple times when he walked right in front of me and said, ‘Dana it’s been a very long time, I haven’t seen a card this explosive in awhile. You get cards where some fights are smart and slow, perhaps, and some other ones are explosive. Every fight on this card was so exciting, so fun and just bad ass, man…it definitely made an impression on me," he told co-hosts Buffer and TJ Desantis.

"It didn’t matter that Lawler’s lip was split in half, he just kept on fighting. Rory on the other hand, he really surprised me. I thought they were going to throw that towel in a round ago because it was such a gnarly. He showed a level of endurance and heart in that fight that I haven’t seen in awhile in a fighter."

Valderrama  couldn’t have been more impressed with welterweight champion Robbie Lawler during his incredible back-and-forth title defense against Rory MacDonald. That said, he would still have to pick former champion Georges St. Pierre in a hypothetical match up between he and the Ruthless one.

According to Valderrama, GSP’s defensive and strategic abilities would make the difference against Lawler, if he ever decided to make a come back. "Georges has a defense program that is really, really difficult for any brawler to get through," he concluded.

"Lawler is a brawler. He’ll take them and he’ll dish them as well. I think that Lawler’s challenge is going to get through that defense…he’s so strategic about how he defends and how he counters, and that’s why he wins. Because he fights a really smart fight. He’ll prepare for Lawler and I think Lawler will probably be a little frustrated."

Find out what everyone had to say about UFC 189’s main event between Chad Mendes and Conor McGregor, and a great deal more by listening to the full episode above!