Who would win a UFC fight between Octagon girls Arianny and Brittney?

Who wouldn't want to see this fight?

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Resurrection Fighting Alliance was downright inspiring Friday night. No, we’re not talking about the guy who got elbowed right in the spine and had to be carted from the cage in a stretcher. That was simply awful.

Earlier on the card, there was a women’s MMA matchup and it was historic. Alyce Roen fought Stephanie Watts in a battle between two ring card girls. Yes, this actually happened. Both were making their MMA debuts after previously toting around cardboard signs with the round number on them. How that got sanctioned we have no idea.

Anyway, that got us at Haymaker thinking: What if UFC Octagon girls Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer squared off? The UFC is looking for a blockbuster fight for its Fourth of July weekend card, right? (We’re kidding obviously.)

But how would that go down? It’s a tough call. Both young women are extremely athletic. Celeste would likely be the fan favorite. However, Palmer did win the Fighters Only MMA award for Best Ring Card Girl of 2013. So maybe she has the momentum going into this potential bout.

You can tell: Arianny is unimpressed.

There’s little doubt Celeste will sell this fight, though. Look what she’s already said about Ronda Rousey. Can you imagine what would come out of her mouth about a woman who wouldn’€™t absolutely mop the floor with her in a fight? Arianny would be like the female Chael Sonnen.

And inside the Octagon? You have to give the edge to Celeste, too. Palmer is athletic and can work a speed bag pretty well. But we see Celeste going all Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort on Brittney. She has experience kicking people in the face, after all.


Winner: Arianny by first-round knockout.