Selling (signed?) Gina Carano high school yearbook on eBay

Gina Carano hasn't changed a bit since freshman year of high school.

Jeff R. Bottari

Ready for your weird eBay auction of the day?

Someone is selling a signed copy of Gina Carano’s 9th grade high school yearbook. Maybe. The seller says the "Ultra Rare" yearbook is signed by two girls named Gina and he or she is unsure if one of them is Carano.

And here’s the best part. The opening asking price is a whopping $385. Carano probably didn’t make that in her first pro MMA fight.

Carano is allegedly pictured 14 times in the yearbook, including photos of her from the basketball and volleyball team. Apparently, she was a total athletic overachiever already.

The former Strikeforce star’s name has come up quite a bit lately and not just because her new movie "In the Blood" comes out next month. Carano has been rumored to be returning to MMA and she told FOX Sports reporter Damon Martin this week that a comeback is a distinct possibility.

Could Carano get a shot at Ronda Rousey’s UFC women’s bantamweight title right away? Rousey is all for it. But UFC president Dana White said last week that the organization and Carano are not in negotiations.

Carano, the first true face of women’s MMA, has her hands full with movies, but just look back at 14-year-old Gina. If she can handle high school hoops and volleyball, she can juggle Hollywood and the UFC. Right?

(h/t The Big Lead)