Watch the first trailer from the new MMA series ‘Kingdom’ from DirecTV

The cast of MMA's new 'Kingdom' 

Rachel Murray/Getty Images for DIRECTV

Mixed martial arts has been featured in a couple of major motion pictures including the film ‘Warrior’, which received an Academy Award nomination for co-star Nick Nolte.  Now the sport will land on television for the first time as the backdrop to the new series titled ‘Kingdom’ from DirecTV.

The show stars Frank Grillo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Purge: Anarchy) as an MMA trainer who works with a couple of athletes with the potential to be stars but a lot of personal baggage to go along with it.

Matt Lauria, Jonathan Tucker and Nick Jonas (yes, one of the Jonas brothers) co-star in the new series from DirecTV set to debut on October 8. 

The first trailer for the series was released on Thursday with an inside look at some of the action coming up this season on the show previously titled ‘Navy St.’.  In the clip you can see Grillo as a coach and the turmoil surrounding his gym and the fighters trying to make it under his tutelage.

The trailer is also not PG at all — becuase apparently they are going for the record with curse words being dropped in a single TV trailer.  It’s like ‘Goodfellas’ meets ‘The Ultimate Fighter’. 

Just watch and you’ll understand.  ‘Kingdom’ debuts on October 8 on DirecTV