Anderson Silva trolls everyone with old sparring video

Anderson Silva is healing at an almost ridiculous rate.

Landry Major/Getty Images

Anderson Silva just trolled us all. Again.

The greatest MMA fighter of all time might also be the most skilled at trolling the media and fans. On the heels of posting multiple recovery videos on his Instagram page (Silva rolls BJJ, Silva kicks, Silva walks up stairs, et. al), the former UFC middleweight champion posted a video of himself sparring at Freddie Roach’s Wild Card Boxing Club in California.

Just about everyone assumed that the clip was current, from this week or sometime since he broke his leg against Chris Weidman on Dec. 28. And just about everyone — us included — were dead wrong. The video is actually about five or six years old. Whoops.

We feel like we were just front kicked in the face. Silva wins again. He’s the undisputed champion of trolling reporters.

While we were praising the Brazilian superstar for his incredible recovery abilities, he was probably at his estate in Beverly Hills cackling like a madman. Silva definitely gets his jollies by making reporters look like fools, in a similar way to how he used to make his opponents look ridiculous.

Next time, we beg you Anderson, just use "#tbt." Thanks.