WATCH: A day in the crazy life of UFC commentator Joe Rogan

Rolling Stone magazine profiles UFC commentator Joe Rogan in its latest issue, and it’s a feature worth reading. The comedian, actor, martial artist, sports analyst, podcast host, hunter, father, drug advocate, etc. may or may not be well understood, but we’re sure glad that he’s at least starting to get the attention that he deserves.

In addition to the written feature, Rolling Stone had Joe document a day in his life. That frentic and funny video is above. 

Rogan’s life is probably a great, fun one, but it sure is hectic. Whom else do you know fits in bag and pad work, a podcast interview with Jay Leno, archery, a stand-up set and a sensory deprivation tank session all in about a day?

Rogan works hard, and we’re tired just watching him go through a day. Check out the video above, and then kickstart your own day with Joe’s crazy, accomplished life as extra motivation!