Vitor Belfort had a cross shaved into his hair, because of course he did

Vitor Belfort loves Jesus and if you don't believe him, just ask him to turn around.

Yeah, so Vitor Belfort really is all in with this religion thing.

The UFC middleweight title No. 1 contender just took one step closer to the sainthood with his new haircut. Belfort got a crucifix shaved into the back of his glorious faux hawk-mullet combination and he posted the picture on Instagram on Tuesday. The only harder combination to take is the one Belfort throws with his fists.

The cross is a bold move, but it’s not very unexpected. Belfort is a devout Christian and if you talk to him for more than five minutes he’ll mention God or Jesus at least a dozen times. So, Belfort gets points here for being daring with his ‘do, but also earns a few demerits for being largely uncreative.