UFC Prez White is back with vlog #2 with behind-the-scenes from UFC on FOX

Dana Vlog #2 goes behind-the-scenes at UFC on FOX: Johnson vs. Benavidez II.

Promised and delivered!

Only days away from the set of hotly anticipated championship rematches at UFC 168, President Dana White swoops in like a belated Santa Claus by gifting fight fans with another beloved vlog. On today’s Christmas fallout episode aka Boxing Day special, a look behind-the-scenes at UFC on FOX: Johnson vs. Benavidez II from Sacramento, California.

The clip features cordial chit-chat between champion ("Mighty Mouse") and challenger ("Joe-B Wan Kenobi"), a wonderful woman presenting a handmade rhinestone covered jacket for Prez White, the historic phone call "retirement" from UFC welterweight Georges St-Pierre, the adorable Japanese lady who is the biggest Chad Mendes fan in the world, and Team Alpha Male cheering each other on when they win (Mendes, Urijah Faber) and lifting each other’s spirits when they had fallen (Danny Castillo, Joseph Benavidez).