UFC, Pettis team up with ‘Beats by Dre’ creator for line of Octagon headphones

It's cold out there. Ne-Yo and 'Showtime' protect their necks with Monster's new cans.

Instagram / Anthony Pettis

Why does Anthony Pettis — the innovator of "The Showtime Kick" — rep Monster Products? It’s pretty simple, he says.

In Monster, Pettis sees himself.

"All their stuff they’re making is breaking ground — not only the headphones," Pettis told FOX Sports. "It’s a company that tries to be ahead of everything."

You’ve seen the "Octagon" headphones on a host of UFC fighters in recent months and next week the product will be available on Monster’s website. Before long, they will also be in retail outlets and at every UFC Gym, according to Vern Smith, Monster’s director of business development.

Monster is the company that first produced the famous "Beats by Dr. Dre" line of headphones. It has also has made products with Lady Gaga, LeBron James and Diddy.

Pettis is a brand ambassador for the Octagon headphones, joining the likes of Tyson Beckford, Marshawn Lynch, Drew Brees, Meek Mill and Nick Cannon as those who currently endorse Monster products. Pettis bought Monster products before the business relationship started and helped the company fine-tune the Octagon headphones by using them during training for his fight with Benson Henderson in August. You might remember that Pettis won the UFC lightweight title that night at UFC 164.

The sound quality is excellent, Pettis said, and the headphones are perfect for going to the gym — they’re sweat resistant and they don’t move around on your ears.

"The style of them is perfect," Pettis said.

Pettis is in Las Vegas helping Monster introduce the new product at the Consumer Electronic Show. Smith said the relationship with the UFC and Pettis was a no-brainer.

"Music is part of everyone’s life, but especially part of an athlete’s life," Smith said. "The whole experience complements each other. … Us and the UFC, our DNA was complementary."

Since UFC 168 when the relationship was announced, Monster has gotten more than a billion impressions on its website, Smith said.

"They have a big reach," Smith said. "It’s the fastest growing sport ever."

Smith said the UFC approached Monster about the partnership, because the UFC only wants the best.

"They’re all in, we’re all in," he said.

And the best part for Pettis? Now he can get his headphones for free.