UFC Octagon girl Chrissy Blair stars in hilarious Tosh.0 Lane Kiffin skit

No one really likes Lane Kiffin. Probably not even Chrissy Blair, who plays his wife in this Tosh.0 skit.

The gorgeous UFC Octagon girl stars alongside Daniel Tosh in this hilarious skit parodying what would happen if Kiffin, now the University of Alabama offensive coordinator, had a public access show. The people calling in are, well, let’s just say less than complimentary of the former USC and Oakland Raiders head coach.

Blair gets a few lines in — "When are you going to be head coach again, sweetie?" and "People really don’t like you" — and looks stunning in a Crimson Tide-colored red dress. We would have liked to see Tosh do a little bit more with Blair than just have her around for window dressing and as the butt of callers’ jokes, but we’ll admit the segment was pretty funny.

Blair was a good fit for the real-life Layla Kiffin, who is also blonde and quite the looker. But could she work her way around the Octagon with a cardboard cutout with a round number on it? Remains to be seen.