UFC Hall of Famer offers to train Orlando Bloom for fight with Justin Bieber

Forrest Griffin (center) says he'll train Orlando Bloom (left) to fight Justin Bieber.

Photo illustration by foxsports.com

Well, Forrest Griffin does need something to do now that he’s done fighting.

The UFC Hall of Famer told TMZ on Thursday that he would gladly train Orlando Bloom in preparation for a bout with Justin Bieber. The two A-list celebrities got into a bit of a scuffle at a swanky Ibiza restaurant recently and Bloom took a swing at Biebs. Griffin was unimpressed.

"He threw a weak-ass punch," he said.

Griffin, the "Ultimate Fighter 1" winner, is kind of right. Bloom could use some work, which is why the MMA legend offered him to come to Griffin’s Las Vegas gym for some pertinent instruction.

"If they ever fight again, I can show him some moves so he can win," Griffin said.

Griffin, who retired from the UFC in 2012, thinks Bloom would have the advantage — at least on the tale of the tape — against Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriend.

"He’s not big, but it looks like he has the reach," Griffin said. "Then again, everyone looks big next to Justin Bieber."

Bloom is 5-foot-11, while Bieber is listed at a very generous 5-foot-9. It’s unclear if they would be able to make the same weight class, but it’s probably not out of the question. Where is that guy who was trying to make the boxing match with George Zimmerman when you need him?

Griffin does have one reservation about training Bloom for this fight-that-will-never happen-but-should.

"I think Floyd Mayweather Jr. is gonna train Bieber — and that guy’s a monster," Griffin said.