UFC Embedded vlog series goes inside lives of UFC 173 stars

If you’re a fan of Dana White’s vlogs that take you inside the UFC president’s crazy life, you’ll probably want to take a look at the company’s new video offering: UFC Embedded.

The debut episode of the series was just posted, and follows co-main event opponents Daniel Cormier and Dan Henderson in the last days of their UFC 173 training. Of particular note is the genuine sense of relief expressed by both at simply finishing their camps and moving on to fight week. As if the prospect of fighting a fellow former Olympian is the easy part of the experience.

The UFC headquarters makes an appearance as the hustle and bustle of fight week is illustrated through the eyes of White, who runs from meeting to meeting completing various elements of event production.

He also tells a pretty funny story about having his car robbed, and we get a special cameo from Donald Cerrone, who comes bearing a very "Cowboy" birthday gift for UFC public relations direction Dave Sholler.

But if there’s one takeaway from the whole thing, it’s that Dana really needs some work on his throwing form.