UFC 183: Where in the world is Nick Diaz?

Is he traveling side by side with Carmen Sandiego?

Photo Illustration/FOXSports.com/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Nick Diaz is the ultimate man of mystery.

When he was just weeks away from a title shot against Georges St-Pierre, Diaz no-showed a pre-fight news conference that ultimately cost him the fight and forced the UFC to replace him out of fear that he might not show up for something more important.

You know, like the actual fight.

Well, here we go again. Diaz is scheduled ("scheduled" being the operative word) to face Anderson Silva this weekend at UFC 183 in the main event.

While it’s very likely Diaz will be in the arena when it’s time for him to walk out for the fight, there’s no telling when he’ll actually show up in Las Vegas.

The latest episode of "UFC Embedded" shows Diaz set to take a flight from Sacramento to Las Vegas to get settled into his suite and start the final preparation for his fight with Silva. Only one problem: Diaz didn’t show up to the airport.

The saga continued Wednesday when UFC president Dana White sent out a picture of Diaz on a milk carton saying he was missing in action.

Did Diaz get distracted by some nunchucks on the way to the airport? Did he stop to get pampered up before leaving for Las Vegas?

It seems we will all have to wait until Diaz resurfaces, and hopefully he’ll have a really cool story to go along with his arrival, which would only further add to his legendary mystique.