Tito Ortiz and Julianna Pena were guests on the most ridiculous show ever

What is going on here? We have no idea.

Source: http://videos.estrellatv

Well, this is the most ridiculous thing you’ll watch all day. Maybe all week. Ever?

Tito Ortiz and Julianna Pena were on a Spanish-speaking variety show in California and could not have been any more ridiculous. For starters, the host of "Noches con Platanito" is dressed as a clown. Yeah, that’s right.

The hijinx starts at about 25:15.

The clown, err, host asked Pena if her breasts were real. She replied they were and mentioned a minute later that guys send her dirty pictures.

"I think they’re trying to get a girlfriend," Pena said.

To Ortiz’s credit, he followed that with a decent line: "It wasn’t me, I promise."

Want to know what else was completely bizarre? The host and everyone else on the show were speaking Spanish. Ortiz and Pena were speaking mostly English. 

They also played a game of "knockeada o parchada," which essentially translates to "knockout or o-face." Ortiz and Pena were shown pictures of expressions and they had to determine if it was "knockeada or parchada." Yeah. This happened.

If that wasn’t enough — and apparently it wasn’t — Ortiz then engaged in a game of shock dodgeball with the host and two girls in tight gym clothing. Whenever someone had the ball in their hands, they would be shocked. How Tito "Mr. Glass" Ortiz didn’t end up getting injured during this sequence is a miracle.

But really, simple words don’t capture just how insane — and oddly entertaining — this entire thing was. You just have to watch it for yourself.