Tito has Jenna Jameson to thank for appearance on most-searched athlete list

Apparently being a top searched MMA fighter doesn't mean you actually have to fight.

Jeff R. Bottari/Getty Images

Three MMA notables – Ronda Rousey, Tito Ortiz and Gina Carano -€“ were among the top 10 most-searched athletes on Yahoo! in 2013. That’s a pretty interesting accolade for the budding sport, especially when you consider the NFL only had one name on the list and he didn’t play at all this year (Tim Tebow).

Rousey was fifth behind Tebow, Tiger Woods, Danica Patrick and Lindsey Vonn. As you might expect, six of the top 10 were attractive female athletes, including Carano at No. 10. She’€™s transcended MMA, like Rousey will do in 2014, by starring in movies.

Then there’s Ortiz, a strange member of this group for sure. But if you look a little closer at the list you’ll see why he’€™s on there -€“ and it has nothing to do with his comeback fight that never happened against Quinton ‘Rampage’€ Jackson last month.

Ortiz was in the news, much like No. 6 Lamar Odom, because of scandal. His ex-wife Jenna Jameson grabbed headlines all fall because of a train-wreck press tour and her constant bashing of Ortiz on Twitter.

Then, Ortiz allegedly leaked a surveillance video of Jameson in their home guzzling an unidentifiable liquid right from the bottle in front of their two boys. Nice.

The first thing you see when you type in ‘Tito Ortiz is’€ in a Yahoo! search is: ‘€œTito Ortiz is a punk.’ At least we know what Jameson does all day.

So, three names on this top-10 list is cool for MMA, but two of them didn’€™t fight all year and might not get in the cage ever again.

At least we have Rousey.