Tim Kennedy fakes a fight contract with Michael Bisping. Things get real on Twitter

Get an Octagon already, guys.

Tim Kennedy is an American hero and Michael Bisping has done nothing but crap on him.

Kennedy posted a photo of a signed bout agreement for his potential UFC fight with Bisping, which has not yet been announced. And Bisping responded pretty much as rudely as anyone possibly could.

"I’m gonna laugh so hard when I just absolutely walk right through you, you dumb motherf**kerr!" Bisping tweeted.

Damn, Mike. Tell us how you really feel.

Remember when people were all bent out of shape that Ronda Rousey wouldn’t shake Miesha Tate’s hand after their UFC 168 fight Saturday? Maybe Rousey is just following the Bisping MMA heel playbook.

Kennedy didn’t jump into the muck with the Brit. His comeback was tame.

"You are always so eloquent with your replies," Kennedy wrote.

It sounds like the UFC will have a very easy job promoting this one — former U.S. Army Ranger against dastardly Englishman. That’s right out of the 1990s WWE booking sheet.