This new UFC Coloring Book€ is the most glorious thing you will see today and possibly ever

That UFC crossword puzzle is real doozy.


It makes perfect sense that the first piece of MMA memorabilia actually worth owning in some time (ie. something absent of tribal patterns, rhinestones, or whatever flashy garbage MMA-themed outfitters are dreaming up these days) is completely fake, because as Dana White’s UFC 169 vlog proved to us, the world is a cruel and unforgiving place.

Do I sound bitter? I apologize if I am. It’s just that Masato Toys, which may or may not be a website created with sole intention of trolling MMA fans, recently “published” an amazing UFC coloring book that has left me feeling like Veruca Salt in the Chocolate Golden Egg Sorting Room. Seriously, not since the The Ultimator was released have I wanted something so badly, and knowing that the UFC Coloring Book will never see the light of day is literally eating away at my soul. It’s as if God himself dropped a rain-soaked and trembling Selma Hayek on my doorstep, only to have her struck down by lightning before I could invite her inside. WHY MUST YOU ALWAYS PLAY PING PONG WITH MY EMOTIONS, ALMIGHTY ONE?!

Anyways, check out the UFC coloring book in its complete glory here.