This 5-year-old kid is a Muay Thai destroyer

Ramadan Ondash is 5 years old, so expect him in the UFC before the end of 2015.

Aren’t those videos of little kids doing MMA so adorable? The way they grapple, slap on a submission or hit the pads. Cute as a button.

Well, this video is nothing like those. This child — allegedly he’s 5 years old and named Ramadan Ondash — is scary. He’s at least as imposing as anyone who fought on the prelims of that UFC Fight Pass card in Singapore with a way cooler name.

How soon can we get this kid in the UFC? What exactly is the age limit anyway? Dan Lauzon was 18 when he came up. Vitor Belfort and Robbie Lawler were 19 in their first fights. All those guys debuted ages ago.

With the UFC likely doing around 120 shows next year, they’re going to need to fill out the roster — and hey, Ondash is already roughly the size of most members of Team Alpha Male. But no, we can wait until he’s a more appropriate age. Make it happen, Joe Silva.