The Sonnens are en route to Brazil, for a six-week TUF stint

The Gangster In Love will have his hands full in Brazil.

Let’s hope he comes back in one piece.

Chael Sonnen left for Brazil on Tuesday with his wife Brittany to begin his coaching stint on the country’s latest season of The Ultimate Fighter. His mother is surely worried sick.

The former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight No. 1 contender will be in Brazil for six weeks, Sonnen told FOX Sports, coaching against Wanderlei Silva and he’s not exactly well-liked there. That’s what happens when you smash a country and its people for the better part of four years.

TUF Brazil will be available exclusively on the UFC Fight Pass digital network, meaning now you can watch Sonnen be bombastic on yet another platform.

In all seriousness, though, this should be a very interesting season.