The newest Danavlog delivers behind-the-scenes footage of Anderson Silva’s leg break

The only thing scarier than watching Silva’s leg snap like a twig is staring into the cold, dead eyes of a pre-fight Ronda Rousey.

Fight week, blog barf week!

Keeping with his tradition of hyping an upcoming pay-per-view by releasing behind-the-scenes footage of the previous one, Dana White released the UFC 169 Danavlog earlier today, granting us an all access look at the carnage and mayhem that was UFC 168.

While the vlog is not without its moments of levity – Matt Serra talking about his Nutella protein shake diet, Matt Serra talking about how jacked Lorenzo Fertitta is, Matt Serra talking about anything – it is ultimately one of the more depressing Dana vlogs on record, if only for the moments that depict Anderson Silva crying out in pain post-leg break. For a guy who claims not to speak that much English, Silva sure has mastered the craft of the f-word.

For you masochists out there, the UFC 169 Danavlog also features such heartbreaking moments as:

-A battered and broken Chris Leben quietly reflecting on what for now is his last MMA fight

-A blood-smeared Bobby Voelker getting stitched up

-Miesha Tate contemplating whether or not she will make good on that promise to shoot herself in the face.

-Michael Bisping (12:58)

Ugh. That last one was the worst.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go take a shower. Feel like I just watched a f*cking Saw marathon.