Spider-Man fights Batman and Robin in epic kickboxing match

If only Toby Maguire had been this convincing...

Screw, ‘€œThe Spider.’€ Spider-Man is where it’€™s at.

If you’€™re going to watch one fight in the next few days, make sure it i€™s Chris Weidman-Anderson Silva II. But if you have a few minutes to kill, this video -“ a kickboxing match between dudes dressed up as superheroes – is phenomenal.

This is an actual kickboxing match (no work here, kids) from the United Kingdom pitting Spider-Man against Batman and Robin. That’€™s right, a two-on-one. The only problem for the Dynamic Duo is that Spider-Man is nasty at Muay Thai. It wouldn’€™t surprise us if that actually was Anderson Silva in there messing around, except he didn’€™t drop his hands enough.

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has fast hands, lethal kicks and one hell of a Muay Thai clinch. The awkwardly agile Caped Crusader and diminutive Boy Wonder had no chance.

Spider-Man might have met his match, though. At the end of the video, he gets called out by The Riddler, who counters Spider-Man’s strikes with a textbook double-leg takedown.

Apparently, this was part of an eight-man MMA tournament in Southampton, England that crowned the UK’s title of “Hardest Man” back in October.

The website has absolutely no explanation why the competitors were dressed like superheroes, which obviously makes this even more awesome.