Security breaks up near fight between Pettis, Diaz entourages at Vegas club

There's about to be a what? Bar fight! (+1 if you got the Brooke Valentine reference)

Anthony Pettis and the Diaz brothers almost went all Chris Brown vs. Drake in Las Vegas last weekend.

Rumors swirled that the entourages of Pettis and Nick and Nate Diaz got into a fight at a club after UFC 167 and Pettis confirmed there was an altercation, but things never really got physical.

"One of Nick Diaz’ friends, I was taking a picture with a fan, (Diaz’ friend) had something to say," Pettis said (via MMA Fight Corner). "My family don’t play, their family don’t play, drinks got thrown, security came. Me and Nick Diaz never had a confrontation together, I think Twitter blew it up a little more than it was. That’€™s normal for me in Milwaukee, nothing big."


It’s probably no coincidence that this incident happened only a few days after Nate Diaz accused Pettis of ‘€œb-tching out of every other fight’€ on Twitter. A leg injury forced Pettis out of his fight with Josh Thomson at UFC on FOX next month and the ripple effect caused Nate’€™s bout with Gray Maynard to be elevated to the main event of the ‘€œUltimate Fighter’ Finale.

Pettis responded on Twitter by making fun of Nate’s lisp. He’€™s clearly a guy who does his best work in the cage.

"It comes with the territory," Pettis said of people taking shots at him. "€œI am the champ, but I’m a human being, man. You talk stuff, I’m going to respond back. I’m not that guy that’s going to sit back. I mean hey, figure out who is going to fight me next. If you’re talking trash, let’s set it up. But, get some wins first."

How about Pettis moving up to 170 to face Nick? We’€™d pay to see that one. Or better yet, a tag team match – Pettis brothers vs. Diaz brothers.

We might have to settle for that one taking place at the UFC 168 after-party.