Ronda Rousey exercises her right to give an awkward interview on FOX Sports Live

This is the most excited face she makes all interview.

Give him an ‘€œA’€ for effort.

Immediately following The Ultimate Fighter 18 Finale, UFC on FOX’€™s Ariel Helwani tried as he might to spark a conversation with UFC women’€™s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey on her two least favorite subjects: the popular opinion about Rousey’s TUF coaching stint and her rival coach/opponent Miesha Tate. Prior to the start of this past season, the ‘€œRowdy’ one said she was glad she would be too busy filming ‘€œThe Expendables 3’€ and ‘€œFast 7’€ to watch herself on the show because Rousey did expect it to be less than flattering.

‘€"I still haven’€™t watched any of the episodes,"€ states Rousey. "€œMy achievements and my goals are my business and everyone’€™s feedback is not one of them. If you wanted to get to know the real person via reality TV show, that’€™s like saying we know who the real Kim Kardashian is. For all I know, she’s a rocket scientist."

Call it self-fulfilling prophecy, Rousey set everyone up to think she would come off overly emotional and intense, and on the show she did. While logic dictates people usually are not as bad or as good as they appear, maybe the undefeated Rousey simply has difficulty not investing everything she has into these wins and losses.

"€œI feel like I have a couple heartbroken kids backstage that I need to talk to instead I’m stuck talking to you guys,"€ tells Rousey. And, with that, the consummate professional Jon Anik threw it to commercial.