Real or fake? Incredible video shows Anderson Silva fans all over the world…or does it?

Something is a little off about this Anderson Silva tribute video.

We have no idea what Ericouture is, but the company put together a pretty incredible video in honor of Anderson Silva heading into UFC 168 next week.

The video allegedly shows people from multiple countries all over the world singing Silva’s praises and pleading with him to win back the belt against Chris Weidman on Dec. 28.

The people of all different ethnic backgrounds call Silva ‘The People’€™s Champion’€ and use the catchphrase ‘€œFrom Silva to gold.’€ Only a few of them seemed like they weren’€™t coached and actually knew who the former UFC middleweight champion actually is. And they were from Brazil and the United States. The blonde girl from the states called Silva ‘€œhot and sexy.’€ OK.

The countries represented in the video were the likes of China, India, Finland, Congo and Italy. Either Ericouture has some impressive reach worldwide or they visited Queens for a weekend and rode the 7 train.

Ericouture’€™s website says the word is ‘€œsynonymous with the love of (tradition) culture.’€ Nowhere does it actually say what the organization does. And it only has 31 followers on Twitter. Bizarre -€“ and somewhat cult like.

We’€™re calling BS on the validity of this video. Sorry, Anderson.

Besides, aren’€™t all Coutures banned from the UFC?