Kaitlin Young’€™s battle scar makes Marvin Eastman’€™s look like a paper cut [GRAPHIC]

Axe wound aside, we still give Kaitlin an 8 out of 10.

While training injuries are commonplace in mixed martial arts, it’€™s not every day you see a laceration straight out of a horror movie like the one suffered by of Invicta FC bantamweight Kaitlin Young. Or is this just her way of telling us that she will be appearing as a featured model on the next season of Face Off?

According to Young, this axe wound occurred when she ‘€"shot under [her] buddy’s jab, and he kicked at the same time. Knee vs. forehead."

"€œIt should be noted," Young said in an exclusive fake interview with Haymaker earlier today, "€œthat my sparring partner on that day happened to be Baraka, but no harm, no foul."

Not since every Diego Sanchez fight ever have a I seen a battle scar that horrific, but you’€™ll be happy to know that Kaitlin has already posted a photo of the patched up wound to her Twitter:

It seems Young has had a rough go of things both inside and outside the cage as of late, having gone 1-3-1 in her past 5 contests, but you know what they say, "When you fall off the horse, you have to let it kick you square in the face before you can get back on again."

Head over to Kaitlin’s Twitter page to wish her a smooth recovery, and hopefully, we’€™ll see her back in action before too long.