New UFC signee is also full-on Russian rapper -€“ and he has a music video

Please, please get together with Khabib Nurmagomedov and form a rap duo.  


Credit: Alexander Yakovlev

Hey, at least he has something to fall back on if the UFC doesn’t work out.

Alexander Yakovlev, the latest in the UFC’€™s Russian invasion, is a hip-hop artist in his spare time. Funny, we thought Eastern Europeans listened exclusively to techno.

Anyway, Yakovlev has a music video up on his YouTube page and it’€™s outstanding, even if you don’€™t speak Russian.

As you might expect, Russian hip hop is very much like American hip hop -€“ it’s all about getting that paper, son. "Money is the most important element" is one of the lyrics and it comes right after some clips from ‘€œScarface.’ We’re pretty sure Yakovlev doesn’€™t have the licensing to use that, but whatever.

The kicker at the end of the song translates to "€œcame, saw and defeated – just three words -€“ came, saw and defeated."€ So basically, he took Jay-Z’€™s "€œI came, I saw, I conquered,"€ watered it down and translated it into Russian. Nice.

It isn’€™t like Jay came up with it, either -€“ he stole it from Julius Caesar. Veni, vidi, vici. No one is original these days.

The best part of the entire video might be Yakovlev’s outfit. He’s desperately trying to bring back the Affliction shirt fad. Maybe that’€™s still big in Russia. But you wouldn’€™t catch Kanye wearing one, we’€™re sure of that.

Hopefully with this new UFC deal, Yakovlev can shoot a little higher with fashion. Like, you know, Old Navy.