Muhammad Ali tweets Dana White, UFC prez loses his mind

Dana White got the greatest tweet ever on Thursday 

George Pimentel/WireImage/Taylor Hill/Getty Images

UFC president Dana White receives Twitter messages in the thousands every, single day and more often than most social networking users, he lands a lot of celebrity tweets as well.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Mike Tyson, and even Justin Bieber have exchanged messages with the UFC president over the years, but on Thursday he received the surprise of a lifetime when an iconic boxing legend sent him a tweet.

Muhammad Ali hit up White with a picture of his historic 1976 match against Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki that took place in Tokyo, Japan and is often referred to as the actual precursor to what would eventually become mixed martial arts. 

The moment White saw the message he responded with absolute elation and excitement to receive a personal tweet from the greatest boxer of all time, and somebody he considers a true legend of combat sports.

Not long after White received the tweet from Ali, he tweeted out an additional message of his own imploring everyone that follows him to also give the boxing icon a follow.  Considering White’s over 2 million Twitter followers, Ali should get a nice boost by the end of the day.