Miesha Tate: It’s not about Ronda, it’s about the title

Miesha "Cupcake" Tate sees the forest from the trees. It’s not about Ronda Rousey, it’s about the title. It’s not about getting even, it’s about winning. Entering into UFC 168 for her shot at the UFC women’s bantamweight championship, Tate is not going to allow her vision to be clouded by her rivalry with Rousey anymore. Tate tackled a variety of topics, but a particular sore spot, which "Cupcake" went on an epic rant about was "sportsmanship."

It takes some effort to not want to smack someone in the face like Ronda.

-Miesha Tate

"Ronda is so self-absorbed that she doesn’t care about anyone else or how this sport is represented," states Tate. "Wouldn’t it have felt great to tell Ronda how stupid I think she is and cuss her out and flip her off and then shove her or whatever? Yeah! A part of me would have absolutely wanted to do that. The point is that there is a bigger picture. It’s about how I represent the sport, how I teach young girls who will be my predecessors how I feel they should treat the sport. If having sportsmanship and being a professional means that I’m "fake" then I’d rather be fake all day long. It takes some effort to not want to smack someone in the face like Ronda."

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