Miesha Tate epically flames gas station attendant on Facebook

Warning: Do not give Miesha Tate a hard time, she will put you on blast.


All the woman wanted a spicy pickle and some gas. Gosh.

A female gas station attendant learned the hard way Tuesday not to mess with Miesha Tate – even if things didn’t get physical. The UFC women’€™s bantamweight star called out the rude worker on Facebook, giving out the gas station’s number and telling her more than 65,000 Facebook fans to give ol’€™ Gale a call.

"Let her know how much we appreciate customer service,"€ Tate wrote.

Tate had a very simple request for Gale – $60 for a spicy pickle and some gas. She asked for the cost of the pickle to be taken out of the money to be put on her pump.

Well, while Tate was at the register a fan approached her to talk and ask for her autograph. Apparently, Gale didn’€™t like that. Because when Tate got back to her car, there was no money put on the pump. And that receipt she wanted? It was for a pack of cough drops.

Oh that crazy Gale.

Tate went back inside to confront the attendant, telling her she’€™s rude and she was just trying to be nice to her fans. Gale lectured Tate for talking while she was in the middle of a transaction. Tate asked for her manager’s number. Gale wouldn’t bite.

"Then she scoffed at me, gave me the run around for the phone number then finally gave me the store number where she’€™s the only one working tonight,"€ Tate said.

You can almost see Tate flashing a mischievous smile as she typed that -€“ kind of like when she handed Ronda Rousey middle finger socks on The Ultimate Fighter.

It appears, though, that Tate has removed the post from her Facebook. Maybe Gale had a come-to-Jesus moment and begged her off. Who knows?

Moral of the story: Don’€™t mess with Miesha Tate when she’€™s craving a spicy pickle.